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Thompson 500AU

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Hi all,

I have had a Thompson 500AU for about a year now. Few days back after playing playstation I switched back to TV. Behold!!! No power in the SD unit, stone cold. I did the usual unplug/replug, check connections etc. The power cord (or the black wall plug was still HOT. I can get the thing going. What happened??? Power surge which only effected the unit??

Anyway, any suggestion would be useful!

If I have to replace, than what should I get for similar price.

Thanks to everyone


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Some older video machines won't start after being unplugged from the wall and re-plugged. The SM Power supply won't restart. However, a unit (beit video or STB) which is only 1 year old seems unlikely to suffer this problem.

If you are looking for a new unit (SD), you can't go past a "Wavelength STR-108".

They are distributed through Hills. I don't know if any of your local retailers would have them but these units are BRILLIANT.

The little "Nextwave" boxes are also great (especially in difficult and hard to deal-with SFN areas)



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