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Recent Reception Problems

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:blink: Hi all,

I live in the Taylors Lakes / Keilor area and have been watching Digital TV for some time. I upgraded to a HD TV and HD STB some months ago and have had excellent reception and reliability.

However in the last few days / week I have had a lot of 'weak signal' messages and black screens. This seems to be happening on all channels, not any one in particular. I've checked the antenna and it seems fine and I have changed nothing else.

Is anyone else having a recent problem?

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

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I live not far from you, in Hillside, and experienced similar things to begin with...

I noticed that alot of the antennas in our area are quite high...I could not get SBS for a while, until I raised my antenna above those in front to get a better 'line of sight'.

I sometimes experience, mostly on Channel 9, that it takes a while for the signal to lock in...usually only a second or so, and it states on screen - unreliable signal, but in the end the picture is fine, I dont get any black screens.

I'm using a wintel SD toppy, with a Hills UHF/VFH antenna about 1 yr old, and have no dramas.

Hope this helps...

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I'm in North Melbourne and reception has been perfect recently. However the last few days (Since Saturday or so) reception on most channels has been terrible. We live in a new block of flats and initially had problems with SBS, but in the last 2 months reception has been very good. Anyone else in this area had this problem? SBS continues to be clear.

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danedike & Fireman Sam,

Just remember the digital "cliff". As the signal strength drops the signal will be perfect, it will pixellate and popping sounds, then no signal. Analog just slowly gets more snowy.

If the antennas are high then I can assume the signals are weak. I would use either of the following antennas:

Band 3

Hills DY14 9-13.5 dB

Matchmaster 03MM-DR3018 ≤14 dB

Band 4 (SBS, community TV)

Fracarro 20RD4 10-13 dB

Hills TMX12 9-13 dB

Hills TMX18 B4 12.5-15 dB

Matchmaster 02MM-DR18A ≤14 dB

The bigger the number of dB the more focussed the antenna gives a stronger signal.

The antennas are connected to a masthead amplifier

Kingray MHW34F

Cabling is quad RG6 with F connectors.

Extra masting to produce greater height is useful.







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:blink: For those who care!!

I fixed my problem by replacing the old antenna and re-cabling to the TV.

Because I had some other connection points put in (5 in total) I had a masthead amp fitted, as well.

Work was done by All Areas Antennas - excellent service, knew what he was doing, didn't bumdrum and I'm very happy with the result - all at a reasonable price!! Recommend him highly.

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