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Cables m1 to vga or dvi

Guest J-MAN

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I have an old Davis Dlx10 projector. It is second hand and is missing the remote and m1 (pc/mac) cable.

The remote is no problem although I wish I had one. The cable on the other hand is. I have been running my PC through my projector using the video in plug but the graphics quallity is driving me nutz. So can I just Go out and purchase a m1 (30 pin) to vga (crt 15 pin) cable to get it to work. If so all I have found are cables including a usb connection (for another projector brand). Will this effect it working ?.

Also it would be even better If I could go strait from dvi(24 pin) on my video card to m1. My video card also supports super video. What is the quallity difference between m1 and super video.

so will the cable work. Any one know where to get one in perth.

Any help will be appreciated.


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