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New Notebook with built-in TV tuner

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Toshiba are soon releasing a notebook with an Analog Tuner built in (why not Digital, I dont know). It runs XP Media Center with the following h/w specs:

Intel Pentium M 735 processor

15-inch Toshiba TruBrite XGA TFT display

512MB of DDR

80GB 5400 RPM hard drive

multi-format CD/DVD writer.

Toshiba's Qosmio Hybrid Entertainment Device: http://reviews.designtechnica.com/firstlook55.html


Lets hope they release a Digital TV version soon after :blink:

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There chicken that's why. Toshiba only release stuff in their notebooks when it tried and proven and mistakes made by others.

They have never really been innovative. Their notebooks are overpriced IMHO and are presented as elitist as such.


You are rigt overpriced and not as reliable as most

We were a Toshi shop at work a little while ago but when you are buying 5000 odd laptops per year you want the most reliable around our failure rate was 1 in 16 and now that we use Dell it has dropped to 1 in 7.

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The Qosmio is designed in Japan so it should prove to be a very reliable notebook.

Toshiba have been through a rough patch lately having reliability issues with a few of their Chinese and Taiwanese sourced notebooks. But Toshiba are now working very hard to once again offer reliability and innovation over the whole range of models.

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Isn't 1 in 7 worse than 1 in 16?

I thought so too.

Anyways, here in Japan, most manufacturers have notebooks with TV tuners. Most of them with very fancy widescreen LCD screens.

Why no digitial? Who makes DVB-T receiver in notebook factor? Anyways, my guess is that TV tuners in notebooks are either built-in into MB or graphic-chip - there just isn't so much room to spare in a modern notebook.

The funny thing is that although here in Japan there's no shortage of CE manufacturers who make digital terrestrial broadcast decoders, I've not seen one which is designed as add-on for a PC (either as PCI or USB).

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