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Ch10 Townsville

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I got my TF5000PVRt back from being upgraded last weekend. I've noticed that Ch10 is pretty much un-watchable (pixelled & patchy sound). It's not just Ch10, the others are sometimes dodgy but Ch10 is constant.

Is anyone else having probs with Ch10 reception?

I've got the latest firmware. Michael from Topfield suggested I try the Korean Apr20 update which I put in about an hour ago. But, alas, no change.

Any feedback on your Ch10 reception in Townsville greatly appreciated.

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I am not having any problems with CH10 in Townsville (Strong 5390). However, apart from WIN (LOSE) the PQ of CH10 is pretty crap on SD when compared with 7. In Townsville I find the best programs (picture quality on SD) are The Practice, All Saints, Great Outdoors (in parts).


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