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Fixing Aver's scheduling


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A mate and I, well mainly the mate, are working on making a small utility that will detect when a scheduled recording has finished, restart the computer, and re-set the recording time to unlimited. This is in order to schedule reliable recordings in the interim before aver fix it properly.

What we need to know, is where the unlimited setting is stored. Registry? A DLL??

I'm no programming genious...

Who can help me find this setting?

Thanks, and once this is complete, we'll share it of course!!

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There's not much in the registry - just a demultiplexor value:



Thats the value I use to get best playback! Notice the minus!

As for other details, try taking a copy of the files that get written-to in the Aver directory in Program_Files... The only other place I've noticed things getting updated is in the Avers ".ini" file in the winnt (or windows?) directory.


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