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Teac DVB-420 Problem


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Hi Folks,

I have a Digi DG30 antenna from Tandy (It's a matchmaster), quad shielded cable throughout the house with 3 outlets. This was installed by Bedwells Antennas.

When tested after install, all channels were being received really well, 95db ish. +/- 5db

Now to the problem....

The DVB-420 has issues with channel 7, which drives me nuts as i like to watch sunrise in the morning and the wife watches All Saints religously... i know what a waste of time... what can you do?

At any time of day and with any weather condition... The picture freezes and has digital errors. The audio has blips and scratching noises, very digital sound... and the STB is reporting full signal while this happens.

I have had the box "looked at" by TEAC at Seven Hills regarding another problem (re the SCART cable problem) and they updated the BIOS while there. I was charged $40 for the frieght, because i don't drive, i couldn't get over there..

Does anyone else have this problem regarding channel 7?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Jones.

PS. it's so annoying i've just disconnected it now... very depressing as I was shafted for $195 when i bought it, not more than a month ago...

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I have issues as well.

Previously I lived on the 14th floor of a Surry Hills apartment block and used rabbit ears pointed at the Kings Cross antenna. All channels were fine (apart from slight loss of picture on 7 in unusual weather but perfectly acceptable).

I have now moved to Level 9 and at the same time the building has been upgraded to be compatible with digital free to air by Pacific Satellite systems, who are also touting their SD stb at the same time (dodgy I am sure).

Now my rabbit ears aren't good enough on L9 but when I plug into the outlet I get perfect reception for Wollongong channels (prime, win , sc10 etc) but can't get decent pq on Sydney - channels break up constantly, ten isn't even found even though I am 1km from the Kings cross transmitter.

When Pacific Satellite came round they showed me their box works fine (surprise surprise) and tried to flog me one at $199 - all signal strength at 90 - 93%.

I have bought an attenuator to reduce the signal strength because all channels were at 100% on my teac even though the picture was breaking up. This has helped stabilise channel 3 but all other problems remain. Any ideas ??

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I've now spoken to Teac service and they say my firmware needs to be upgraded to 1.01 to solve my issue.

Looks like a trip to Seven Hills in the near future !

On second thoughts I'll upgrade it myself in case it's not worth the trip and the Teac woman on the phone doesn't know what she's talking about

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Reset to factory defaults and it still has the problem.

Ch 7 looks excellent through the RF of the TV (68cm Konka :-) you don't hear them being mentioned very often). It's just when run throught the 420 that I have problems....

Any ideas?

Does anyone wanna buy one cheap DVB420 off me? I'm sick of this POS.

I'm going HD as I've just bought a new tele.... pana tx56p800ha. and I WONT be buying another TEAC product; crap service, crap phone manners, crap communications within their own company.

I know it was only a couple of hundred bucks for the 420, but it's the principle. Companies shouldn't release a product that they know has faults...

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