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sub $1000 Video switching receivers


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Hi there,

does any one have any recomendations for recievers with video switching capabilities for around the $1000 mark.

Also i have a widescreen TV and a projector, is there a way to switch between outputs as well as inputs...my wife can't handle watching free to air tv on the projector, but i will for sports etc...it would be great to be able to hit a button to transfer between the two.


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The Onkyo TX-SR501 has an RRP of $999. This would be an excellent choice for both quality and value. (My TX-SR800 is almost faultless with both music and HT - rrp was over $3k, bought new from JB HiFi for only $2k about 2 yrs ago because it was black and the only one left! I told them I wanted silver [a blatant lie] so they dropped the price to ensure I left with it :blink: ).

The SR501 has 3 Component (YPrPb) inputs with one output and 4 s-video inputs with 2 simultaneous outputs. There would be at least 4 composite inputs too. (My SR800 has 2 Component, 5 S-video and 5 composite inputs).

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