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Now and next on WIN

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I just noticed Now and Next information pop up on Win.  It's wrong (wrong times, wrong now and next), but it looks promising.

Anyone have any extra info on this?

Ok, this is becomming very annoying. Every "quick" recording (Topfield) I make from WIN is now named "Today".

Does anyone know when WIN are going to stop being stupid and either remove the NAN altogether or replace it with the correct details?

Perhaps they don't realise that leaving the same NAN details for days on end actually has an impact on viewers?

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Been in Launceston all week and I also haven't noticed any NaN on WIN. Will be back in Hobart on Sunday so hopefully it's still around.

Anybody know what happened to the message they had a couple of months ago?

"For current programming, check your guide etc..." Seemed to appear for a couple of weeks then went once the time signal changed to be about hours ahead.

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