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FusionHDTV Scheduler keeps muting WAVE Volume

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I've set my DVICO Recording Scheduler to SILENT MODE when it tapes shows.

If i am playing back a show using another mpeg2 player that is running prior to a recording, that as soon as the scheduler starts to record, the DVICO SCHEDULER mutes my PC's WAVE Volume.

The only way to get WAVE sound back on is to untick the MUTE option under the master volume and WAVE sound is back up and running...

HOWEVER, when DVICO scheduler has finished recording, it then MUTES the WAVE volume again. (i assume the original idea is for the DVICO scheduer to MUTE when recording starts, and then DE-MUTE when it has finished)

I can't think of a logical reason why this happens, seeing as the recorder doesn't let you hear the audio of the show being recorded in silent mode anyway.

Is this a bug or is there a practical reason for it doing this?

BTW i had this problem occur the other day when i was using Goldwave to edit a soundfile (and a show started taping during this time)...so it's not application specific, but WAVE volume specific.



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Hi Matt, Unfortunately this seems to be the behaviour in the latest version of the FusionHDTV software :blink:

I beleive it has been reported to Dvico ( hdtf@dvico.com ) but it wouldn't hurt if you passed on your observations to them too! They seem to be listening and "problems" are being fixed in later versions. Please read the FAQ on the Dvico site and this forum as well as other forums (e.g. DVB Owners Discussion Forum (Fusion HDTV DVB-t section)) to see if your problem is really a problem that Dvico can fix. I (we) would rather that they work on fixing "real problems" than spending all their time answering questions that have already been answered in the forums. :P

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