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Is this the camera that did the HD 9 Loop


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Hi Guys,

Just had a peek at the HOME THEATRE section of the main page of the DBA, and saw a post regarding a Sony 1080i camcorder.

When i went to the link, it includes a photo of a Parrot (Austalian I think), as i have a few in my back garden - and one died as it went helter skelter into my patio windows. I heard a tweet-scwratch-scrret...thud. The dog faithfully brought it in for my inspection.

So i was wondering if this promo shot is in fact part of the HD9 loop and indeed was it used int he making?


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yeah but the loop gets updated with new shots every now and again so who really knows what is shot with what

i really hate the colour in the 9 loop, i wish they would put some effort into the editing of it like 7 do (imagine if sevens loop was in 1080 *drools* it has so many beautiful shots!)

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