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DVICO - Volume Difference AC3/MPEG2

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Hi All,

My DVICO is connected to my denon reciever via S/PDIF Coax, with my amp set to AUTO for that connection.

I was finding that there was a significant difference in volume between programming in AC3 vs MPEG - ie. Between 10HD and 10 Guide in adelaide.

I came across Vedeou's thread in the SD forum http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=9596 which states the same problem, but on his STB.

The Volume control on FusionHDTV has no effect on the AC3 volume - but it does on the MPEG volume - I just flicked bewteen a AC3 and MPEG audio programm and matched (by ear) the volume's by adjusting the FusionHDTV software volume control.

All fixed now! no more grumpy Wife!!



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