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NBN 'problem' with Teac 420

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Thanks to you guys I have successfully installed a Teac 420 in my mate's high rise apartment.

Despite the antenna company wanting $12,000 for a digital upgrade, reception is fine on the old in house coax!

The only lingering problem I have is that I can't tune NBN.

The rooftop antenna is pointed to Tambo.

I have tried a manual search of position 8, with no luck on the inhouse coax.

But, if I connect a basic dipole to the Teac, I get a Nine station on channel 350.

A couple of questions please:

1. Is the nine station on 350 NBN?

2. Does NBN have a unique watermark, other than the normal 9 and nine dots?

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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I can't answer your first question, but NBN do have a different watermark to channel Nine, it clearly shows NBN and is there just about all the time.

Also I find some channels are better on amplified indoor antenna than outdoor, in fact I use only indoor antenna in Burleigh Waters.

Hope that helps.


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NBN is on UHF 68. There are a couple of identified reasons why you might not be able to get us....

1. The in House RF system will not go up to 68. Some RF systems just won't go up that high and usually stop around 65/66.

2. Some videos retransmit their RF channel on UHF 68/69. If your antenna is going through a video then the 68 from the video may be wiping NBN Ch.68.

3. The new range of Foxtel boxes also now seem to be outputing on UHF 68/69. This will also wipe NBN UHF 68 out (we have had trouble with this scenario in other DTV areas).

4. If your on a shared antenna system, sometimes a device loike a video or Foxtel box can leak back into the RF system and interfere with the UHF 68 signal.

If you've got scenarios like (2) and (3), then try bypassing the boxes and see if that helps. If you have scenarios (1) and (4) then you might be out of luck.

(which is bad for us)


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