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RCA 76CM WS and TF5000PVRT

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Got the RCA part (paid $900 a year ago), but still using my Thomson 1352 (now almost 2 years old). I'm kind of hoping that it'll hold out until the rumoured Toppy HDPVR arrives.

As the RCA does go for as little as $700, that implies you paid about $700-ish for the Toppy, making it a reasonable deal.

Try and connect the Toppy using RGB on SCART1. The picture will be (slightly) better that way.

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IS this it... ? RCA units are rebadged Thomsons....


>Am planning to connect everything through my denon 1802 amp via s video.

Dont do this if you can avoid it. As mentioned above.. RGB is the way to go for better pic quality.

If the TF5000PVRT is a 80G version then the retail price is around $700 +$900 so $1400 all up is a bargain. But just to confuse you Id get a better TV and just an el cheapo $200 Set top box with the money. :blink:


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I managed to have a look at the picture on the rca on saturday with a dvd FOTR . For the money i thougnt it was quite good.

Out of curiosity i decided to look at two more expensive tv's the tosh 32SW9UA and the sony kvhx32.

What I saw was better blacks detail i had never seen before and better colour rendition.

I will be saving my money and buying one of the above and wait for the hd toppy to be released.

I feel better now that i have made a decision.

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Yep, though about having a look at the RCA, but it's just another cheapy TV with design / quality shortcuts. They are selling 68cm TVs for $289!!! Magnavox - struth yep it's a 68 cm but...

Look for the better models as they have more capability in resolutions and better picture quality, more stable power supplies for picture (tube) stability etc.

I remember TVs made from "Singer" (yes the sowing machine people) and had one in repair. These at one of the repair shop, were lined up about 14 of them! The one I looked at, looked like a car without the necessary bits, to compare: A seat with no cushioning, but you could still sit on it, cheap plastic, bad soldering of connections, red painted globes instead of red light filters for brake lights, undersized brake pads, engine just sufficient to get the car going - this what you could imagine how badly designed those TV's were!

Not saying the RCA is like that, but you get what you pay for in most cases.

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While “you get what you pay for” is valid to a point, I have been very surprised with the server convergence and geometry problems I have seen on expensive 76 and 86cm HD TV’s form the likes of Sony, Panasonic and others.

Many el-cheapo $900 76cm SD TV’s are actually better then the expensive ones in this regard.

Power supply regulation is very important for good shadow detail and black levels,

but if you know what to look for, you can find good cheap TV,s that perform 90% as well as a “Brand Name” model costing over twice as much.

As for HD resolutions on a 76cm, well that is pretty much a waste of time.

576i is plenty for such a small screen at any normal viewing distance and 100Hz is better at reducing flicker then 576p.

So an SD 100Hz 76cm is a good low cost option.

If only there where some reasonably priced 86cm SD 100Hz models available.

The 76cm models are just too small and the 86cm models are OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced.

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