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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has the LG RT-32FZ60RB 76cm CRT. It seems to be fairly new, I think it came out in May as I found on some internet search.

The LG Australia site has almost no info except for a picture and very limited specs. LG New Zealand has a lot more info and it seems like a pretty feature packed unit for under $1500.

Someone else previously on this forum spoke about buying one however everyone suggested other units. Wondering if anyone has any first hand info on this.

Also interested in the Panasonic TX-76PW60A however not too sure about SCART. From what I understand this TV does not support RGB. (Neither does the LG I don't think, it has all separate AV, SVideo and Component).

Another one is the Palsonic's however maybe stear away from these ones however the Hi Def one 76WSHDA sounds interesting, it does have RGB in the '15 pin DSUP' connection (please correct me if this isn't correct!) so then the question is, if I have a SCART set top box, is there such a cable to go from SCART to RGB (15 pin DSUP)?

Hope someone can help with the questions. Thanks!


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