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Subtitle Question When Converting .rec to DVD

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I am currently using ProjectX to demux my Toppy rec files which leaves me with a SON file which I import into DVD Maestro without any problems. This however removes any placing or colour information from the original broadcast.

I do remember sometime ago when I was experimenting, I was able to retain the colour information from the closed captions when I converting to DVD but I can't for the life of me remeber how I stumbled across it.

I am intending to record to DVD the new Survivor series and I would be keen to retain the caption placing onscreen as well as the various colours they use -

If anyone can advise how this is possible, I would be very grateful.



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Have you come across a good editting program that will enable you to edit the video, audio and subittle streams together?

I find most editors will handle the video/audio, but the subtitles are a different issue.

I want something that I can use to edit out commercials, etc and then have all the subtitles allign back up with the editted video.

Any suggestions?



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Kidhazy, that is exactly what I have wanted to find too, and gave up in the end. So all my Angel Season 5 collection had to be built with no subtitles, which is a bit annoying considering they are provided free with the stream... (not that you really need subtitles for an english spoken show, but sometimes a bit of action drowns out the words and it is handy to see what the subtitler thought they said).


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HI kidhazy,

Although I haven't messed around with it a great deal, the edit facility built into ProjectX allows for ads to be cut and still keep a synched sub track intact from what I remember..

Go to Options / OpenCut/Specials / and mess around it there with the "add point , cut point buttons then demux the file. The set points will be removed form the stream.

EDIT: Refer to gazonk.del's post towards the bottom of this topic for instructions -




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