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TEAC DVB-300 Optical Problem

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Hey guys I am running my DVB-300 through optical out into my Receiver, and when a normal program is on without AC3 audio my Receiver keeps on clicking constantly with PCM 44khz like it's clicking between streams, so I get an annoying clicking sound whenever i listen, COSNSANTLY so I can't watch TV because the Audio kills you.

I've included a video of the problem, incase no one can understand what I am talking about. It also happens some times in AC3 mode, plus it has popping...

I remember talk about some transistor on the DVB-300 or something that needs to get replaced?

Help would be apercaited.

Video of Annoyance

4 MB

P.S I am running 1.06 Firmware, building a cable tomorrow to upgrade to 1.07.

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No one has ANY idea? What about you TEACSTB? Some offical help from TEAC?

P.S I built the cable and updated to 1.07, is has fixed the pops etc on AC3. The PCM stream when a program isn't on AC3 on Digital still causes that juping effect, but no where near as bad as before. But it still happens often enough to become annoying and render the program unwatchable.

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I'm running an early DVB300 (latest software) into a Yamaha RX-V640 amp using optical

with no problems.

We only get AC3 for the ABC so the rest are PCM.

I have noticed that dropouts on the ABC are more noticable

as the Amp seems to default back to PCM in the absence of a signal

and then has to change back to AC3 when the audio reappears.

Could your amp be the problem?

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