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Teac DV-B300 STB

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Last week I brought and installed the TEAC DV-B300 STB

It seem to work ok when using the scart composite video

cable (supplied) but in the owners manual states that it can also operate

in the S-VHS mode.So I brought a good quality scart cable with an

S-VHS connection,as our tv has a S-VHS input which is working ok as we using it

for an dvd player.I disconnected the dvd,and connected the STB but I didnt get any sound nor a picture.

I had no other choice then to change back to composite and then I connected an S-VHS converter on the composite video RCA plug,the sound was back but

the picture was in black & white, I went to the setup and changed the scart

output from composite video to S-VHS I saw that the picture became sharper with more detail but still no color.Then I changed the scart cable again as before

as th STB is set on S-VHS mode.the results were: no sound and flickering

color stripes on a black screen.

What can I do next?

Regarding an software update I had downloaded on pc from teac website

the nessesary files,following the instructions to get the

STB updated but sofar no luck to get the update into the STB.



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TEAC have wired their SCART output differently from the standard generally accepted.

PIN 11 carries the Chroma signal with pin 13 its ground

PIN 15 carries the Luma signal with pin 17 its ground.

The left and right audio pin numbers are standard.

PIN 1 right audio PIN 3 left audio. Ground is PIN 4 for both left and right audio.

The S-VIDEO plug is wired as follows, looking at the plug towards the pins clockwise from the rectangular plastic lug at the bottom. PIN 1 is Luma ground PIN 3 is luma.

PIN 4 is chroma, PIN 2 is chroma ground.

There are two solutions to your problem. Do you have a soldering iron? It’s easy to shift the wires to the correct pins if your SCART plug is not of the moulded type. Or you could contact TEAC and see if they can send you the correctly wired cable.

I would ask TEAC for their advice re the software update. Elsewhere in the forum there are comments with problems on this.

Regards Tahoma.

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