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Native HD MPG demuxing/playing

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Hi there. Well firstly, I eventually found a demuxing program that worked for me for native HD mpg recorded with fusion - PVAStrumento. I tried Premiere, Mainactor, vdub, tmpgenc, projectx etc and none of those saw an audio stream. Yes I had the ac3 filters installed etc and the mpg played fine in powerdvd, wmp etc, but those demuxers just didn't see the ac3 audio stream. PVAStrumento demuxed it for me, but I can't play the mpg in fusion now. It plays it very slowly. The other players (WMP/Powerdvd) plays it fine. Any ideas? Also, one thing I'm not sure of.. (I am a bit of newbie with the HD files), does it matter what I use to play them or do you need the specific HD software (like fusion) to give ya the HD quality?


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