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DVI-D with SD Plasma'a

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If you had an SD plamsa, such the fuji VHA30, and used an upscaling DVD player such as new Denon 3910 with DVI-D connection, would you see an improvement in picture over component?

I guess since and SD plasma can only handle limited pixels, there would not be an improvement from the upscaling, however would you see an improvement due to no digital to analogue conversion?

Can anyone comment on this from seeing it forst hand?



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I'd like to know the answer to this as well.

I have the VHA30.

Even though the panel is SD, to me, the HDTV channels look much better that SDTV.

I went to Len Wallis yesterday to discuss the DVD PQ (compared to HD-DTV), and to ask if I would see an improvement with a progressive DVD player connected via DVI.

My current DVD is a Pioneer DV-717 - old (1999) but very good at the time.

He told me that I would be wasting my money with a new DVD player. He didn't even want me to bring in me current player to do some A-B tests.

A saleman talked me out of spending money. Bet you would have liked to see that!

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I think the result u will see is just slightly cleaner, sharper imagines, however the difference wont be that significant. since u r running the same resolution anyway.

The only difference it will make on is the 1024x768 and above, Mine is a 1024x1024 panel, by upscaling to 1080i and using DVI output, it significantly tell the difference. Not far from the CH9 Loop. but not as good. so you can imagine how much quality it has improve from the upscaling process...

Anyway.. i know your question is concerning about SD plasma, so in theory you will see the difference, but not much.. thats my word.



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Depends on the QUALITY of inbuilt plasma scaler.

For starters feeding a PROGRESSIVE Plasma INTERLACED component is a waste of time. What all plasmas have to do is CONVERT the interlaced display to progressive and rescale according native panel.

Depending on the in built scaler there maybe little difference. If the scaler is poor quality there will huge improvements.

Saying outright a waste of money without a test is also a WASTE of YOUR time.

There is a certain amount misinformation within the advice.

Know it all home theatre sellers. See them time and time again.


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