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terrible signal corruption. Help !

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Greeting !!

i purcahased my Hitachi plasma about 2 months ago, From my day one til now, i still haven't sit down and watch the digital tv, i see a lot of corruption on screen like dvd scratches one. And i have successfully upgraded my firmware for my LG STB LST-4100p to v1.00.05 instead of the old version v1.00.02.

At last, i have noticed 2 problems, First of all, From my antenna, i am using the normal RF cable to connect to my STB box, those use it for analogue tv, is that a real problem ? i saw some other type of cable that is with very tiny, long and sharp pin one, that are so called " DTV cable" , is that the one i should use ?

And secondly, the way i connected up to my Antenna, its actually going through some metal roof.. would that be a big problem ? I heard some ppl are saying that they are using Quad sheild cable, and would that help ? and where i can get them from, i have been searching around and couldn't find places that sells them.

Now, My situation is, I am living at Springvale central, antenna position should be good, as my analogue signal is really good, and i got strong signal from my place, i saw the signal strength almost full from my STB option. And from my antenna to my STB is approx 10 meters.

Can anybody help me out here ?

THank you in advance.



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Had a shoofty at the "whereis" website and I assume Springvale Central is on The Great Ocean Road in Southern Vic, perhaps near Naylor Corner or Delaney Corner. Don't know where your nearest transmittion site is (I'm in Newcastle). You say your analogs are good. This could be a matter of conjecture. My customeres tell me all stations are perfect execpt one. When I look at the telly, I find all stations are snowy (i.e. 40-42dbuV) but the station they are complaining of is 35db. It is all a matter of perception and interpretation of what is acceptable.

You have spent heaps of money on the plasma screen and (presumably) associated 'theatre' sound gear and set top box. You are likely to spend a fraction of this to get a professional in to sort out your signal problem. It sounds like the signals are the problem but (by remote control) I can't tell you what is wrong. I would have to wave my analyzer over it to be able to give an informed opinion, a tad difficult from this distance.

Let's know how you get on.



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Yes Ray,

each situation has to be assessed, given each location. If you have lots of foliage between you and the transmission site, this could augur badly for you. I repeat, scan the yellow pages (or ask a neighbour for a recommendation) for a reliable antenna installer. Can't be too difficult.


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Springvale Central according to my Whereis is in South Eastern Melbourne.


How high is the antenna above the metal roof? It would appear that you are getting reflections from the roof. Are there extra edges to the right of any vertical edge on the picture? You will need to get up close to see this.

Which channels are worst for corruption?

For digital you should not try and receive channel 2 because on digital the ABC is on Channel 12. There is no digital on channels less than channel 6

So if you use an antenna such as Hills SMX24 B4+ (http://www.hillsantenna.com.au/catalog/CombinedVHFUHFAntenna.pdf)

it will leave more "space(wavelengths)" between the roof and the antenna.

If the corruption occurs when electrical devices are switched on and off then you should replace the cabling with quad shielded, with F connectors.


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