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Powerstrip Settings

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I have just finished setting up my HTPC and now need to configure powerstrip.

My configuration:

P4 3.0

MSI 661 motherboard

Old mx440 graphics card

dvico fusion

Outputing via Svideo to a 68cm 4:3 philips TV

Picture is fine except for fast moving action where the picture seams to jitter.

So what would be the best reolution settings? When playing back recordings on my laptop the picture is perfect.

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Firstly, to get acceptable results you are really going to have to upgrade your video card. My suggestion would be a low end ATI card with TV Out.

Svideo, as with composite, puts out a basic PAL signal. If you went with a resolution like 768x576 then you would get the PAL equiv on a monitor and get the clearest results.

Powerstrip will help you get this as well as tune out any overscan.

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