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Foxtel/E85H SCART to SCART problem


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Just discovered a problem using SCART to SCART if one also has a VCR hooked up to Foxtel for additional recording (where picture quality is not important). Seems that SCART feeds back from the E85H to the Foxtel STU so if one is recording a Foxtel program to a VCR at the same time one activates the E85H then whatever shows on the TV screen re the E85H is recorded on the VCR overwriting the actual Foxtel program being recorded.

This happens irrespective of the SCART to SCART options available. I found that by using a SCART (Foxtel) to RGB (E85H) solved the problem. Does not appear to affect the picture quality of the E85H recording.

My E85H is connected to the TV via component (ie: NOT SCART)


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Why do you still record on a VCR if you have a E85H?

I think the E85H AV1 SCART is both an input and output socket - whereas the others are not.

You can solve the problem by using a one-way (directional) SCART cable, rather than a fully wired one. I actually cut a few wires on on a fully wired SCART cable to stop the feedback from AV1!

My setup to the E85 is:

Foxtel -> AV4 (s-video)


STB VCR SCART -> AV1 (Composite)

E85H -> TV (Both S-video and Component)

As the STB's VCR SCART is passthrough also - I was getting all sorts of problems until I made the cable single directional.

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