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which small lcd to buy

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I was at JB this afternoon and was looking at there small lcds and one that caught my eye was a Samsung widescreen model 43cm i think.It was $1400 and the PQ was fantastic,the channel 9 loop was on and it was playing the part where Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi in the U.S. open and it looked awesome.They also had an LG widscreen same price and size but it didnt look as good.Philips make a nice little widescreen lcd for around the $1200 mark.Also LG had a 4:3 lcd 33cm for $699 of which someone brought one while i was there and easily got him down to $600.The smaller Panas were over your budget,but looked pretty good.Hope this helps.

Cheers Ryan

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I just bought a Grundig Arganto 23" for the bedroom. Matched it up to a Pana HD STB and it's perfect! It has the most amazing PQ of all the LCD screens I looked at, and none of the "jagged" bits when showing fast motion like on some of the other brands. I always thought that small screens don't do HDTV justice, but hey, seeing is believing. I wouldn't touch Grundigs Plasma, but their LCD's are very impressive.

The Grundig Arganto 17" can be bought for under $1400.00 if you shop around.. tho 17" was a bit small for my liking. I went for the 23" model and paid $2580.00. I know it retails for $2999.00, so I figured I got a good deal. I know the Panas, Samsungs and LG's etc etc are around the 3 grand mark for a 23" model LCD, and the Grundig is FAR superior.


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I also have the Grundig Arganto 23" LCD.

I use it as both a computer monitor and 2nd t.v for the Xbox etc.

I have only a SD set top box and was thinking of upgrading to an HD one.

Is the HD that much than the SD ? through the Grundig? I must admit I doubt the picture could get any better !

Did you use DVE to calibrate ?


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I need to purchase a new tv for the bedroom. Only need a small widescreen lcd tv as space is at a premium.


under 1400 dollars

hd ready

any recommendations?


I saw a couple of nice small LCD TVs at PhD Rentals (178 Logan Rd, 'Gabba) yesterday. One was a 17" 4:3 for about $800 and the other was a 17" 16:9 for about $1,000. They had a component input, but I didn't check what DTV res they accepted. I think both were ex-rental but with a [12-month?] warranty. PQ was pretty good - clear and sharp from their analogue tuners with just a touch of jerkiness in fast movements, but no movement 'trails' so they are 20ms or faster. They might even have been NEC ... which would explain the excellent PQ.

Worth a look (I nearly took one myself, but I don't need any more screens!).

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