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Not to be ignorant of the fact and all repsects due.,,,,,,,,,I suffered nothing.- NONE.

I made sure all is good...... With a 17K spectrum analyser you can ensure all is good.

I did an install at my Mum's house. Now mums not so big on technology(65yr old) but all was good without touching a thing. Old cable/Antenna. In a duplex house.

If your just a general joe blow without the fancy technology, I put it down to product, AKA the set top box you use and then some nouse.

Twice this week I've seen a samsung DVD/combo and it won't cut the mustard software wise. SAMSUNG big brand big name but won't do the job. My advice is look at your equipment and if you bother to call an antenna installer(Mr antenna) make sure he gives you a signal test report suitable for digital per AS standards.

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As I have mentioned before, buying TEAC brand is not very smart. I've had several products of this brand in the past, all with bad solder joints, then poor support.

Don't buy TEAC, unless you like having problems!

i dissagree, ive had the tv for 6 months, is GREAT!!! and ive had the DVD player for a week and it outputs a nice, clean signal from the component inputs

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