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Denon AVR via Digital Coax Input


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G'day all, I hope someone can help me with my problem, so here goes.

I have been using a Nextwave 3200 STB to output via Digital Coax to my Denon AVR 1602. AC3 only available on ABC here in Tas of course, the Denon AVR has a digital display and LED which indicates the presence of a digital input signal....all is well.

I introduced an additional digital source namely a coax from my PC ( Asus Mobo' P4P 800 Deluxe) which supports Digital out via a SPDIF when using the Soundmax drivers. Mainly for the purpose of MP3 playback. The Denon AVR indicated the presence of a digital signal and all was sweet.

As the Denon has only one Digital input via coax it meant that I was swapping the input coax as required.No problems here.

3 days ago I used it for MP3 playback, turned it off all was fine. Today when I went to use it I had no signal, tried the STB also no signal. I MAY have "hot swapped" the sources without first turning off the AVR.

Q1 could this have done some damage to the AVR's digital input port or internals?

On the previous day to this I also installed an additional harddrive in my PC where I simply disconnected the cables from the back of the box, possibly the coax may have come into contact with the metal surrounds, and the AVR was not switched off but I am fairly certain it was off.

Q2 could a short at this end have caused damage even if it was the source cable?

Today whilst trying to work out a solution I disconnected the coax from the PC SPDIF (output from PC) whilst the AVR was still switched on, the cable brushed my face and I felt a tingle.

Q3 should there be a voltage on this cable as it is the source? ( an input for the AVR)

I have factory reset the Denon AVR and setup numerous times this is not a setup problem, the Digital input from optical works fine, ie the signal from my DVD player indicates a digital signal coming from the optical link, so I am assuming that I may have damaged the coax digital input port.

Moral to this story - Turn off all devices before playing with cables.

Please respond Q1, Q2, Q3 and really could I have damaged the input port so easily?

Thanks all


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