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Hi ,

Stumbled across an electrical retailer today selling the Thomspon DT1500AU standard def box for $140.

Apparently a whole heap of them were sent back to the manufacturer because of faulty 12 volt power packs.

The packs have been replaced and they've now been flooded back onto the market.

Store claims they normally retail for $299 but this site is quoting $249.

What do you rekon?

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I haven't seen any cheap Thompsons, but I DID see a brand new Nintus (sp?) box going for $148 in JB HiFi the other day -- far and away the lowest real-world price I've yet seen for an STB. If its any good it may well be a big seller.

Another thing I noticed at the same store was that HD STBs outnumbered SD boxes almost 3 to 1, and were very prominately placed. Could it be that HD is outselling SD by a significant margin in some areas? Enquiring minds want to know...

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