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Hitachi 42PD5000TA- bluring of skin tones

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Got the Hitachi 42PD5000TA about a month ago.

Problem is that mainly faces blur during movement on both STB and DVD. Both output via S-video from receiver. The STB is Topfield 3000T.

Thought I was getting a top quality HD display, but the old 4:3 TV didn't do this.

Any ideas?


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You need to ensure you get the best possible available connection direct from the source eg DVI, Component. I have found that a progressive scan DVD player makes a massive difference. This blurring face problem is inherent on a lot of plasmas and is mainly due to a poor source eg bad TV transmission or poor DVD.

I would definately start by ensuring you use at least component video connections and you should not have any problems with DVD's through a progressive player.

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I agree 100% with the 2 posts above. I got my 5000 MA two days ago with a TAEC HD box. Don't bother using S-video as its a waste of time. I bought a DVI cable ($25) for the STB and ran it directly to the panel and a Component cable (average quality = $55) from my progressive scan DVD player.

I have no complaints at all - great picture all round.

The Pioneer progressive scan DVD player was $150 - worth the money if you consider what you spent on the panel..

Hope this helps - I know what it's like - lot of learning to do, usually the hard way!!


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