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New TV - Plasma or CRT - need help

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Does anyone here use a Plasma TV for playing their xbox games. If so what's it like and have you found any problems with burn in.

The wife has given me permission to replace our 15 year old Teac and I am tossing up between buying Sony's latest 86cm CRT TV, the KVHR36M31 or a plasma tv, the Sony PFM42X1. The prices I have been given by the Sony shop (a hell of a lot cheaper than Harvey Norman or DJ's) are $5000 for the CRT and that includes a HD STB, and $6200 for the plasma, including speakers, stand and a HD STB.

Both TV's look great. Obviously the plasma is bigger, however the CRT has better speakers (with inbuilt subwoofer) and there is no burn in problems. The plasma has a couple of anti burn functions though, a screen saver and a screen rotation setting that slightly moves the picture every 5 seconds or so. I found (in the store) that unless you are looking for the movement you don't see it. But that was watching a TV picture - not watching a game.

Anyway I am interested in hearing peoples opinions, especially from anyone who has either of these TV's.

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I noticed in a Dick Smith Powerhouse catalogue a couple of weeks ago the KVHR36M31 selling at $4,358 or thereabouts so do not pay 5K for it


The $5,000 includes a STB tho it is a no name brand. I am now bundling teh TV with a Toshiba HD STB and a Pioneer receiver and Wharfedale speakers for $8400. However I am pretty sure I can get that price even lower.

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