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Check your ability to see HDTV displays

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I have tried this one on TV technical trainees

Get someone else to make a white card with single threads of coloured cottons threaded through it. If you can make the back of the card black it would be even better. This will give two different tests.

I would suggest you use strong rainbow of colours and add white, grey and black.

Conduct this experiment in daylight and get the card to face south some time between 10 am and 2 pm. White clouds will give true white that TV systems use. You may need a sunshade for you eyes. Start about 15 m away and walk towards it determining the order of threads which can be seen and at what distance.

Let me know how you and any others who wish to try. You will find out the characteristics of eyesight and why the TV system has been designed as it is.

This system does not use electronics, displays etc. If a micrometer is used to measure the diameter of the threads I can calculate the angle of view to see if it is a minute of arc at the distance you view it at.


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