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Noob Projector Advice Please

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I am waiting for the release of the Ptae-700 before deciding between it and the tx100.

I plant to use the projector in two rooms driven by HTPC.

I plan to use a 90" screen in one room. The projector can only sit in one place around 5m from the screen 1m to left of centre.

How much can the screen size be adjusted to stay withing 90" from this position?

I assume the further away the bigger the image and limited compensation. Is this true?

Secondly, Does the projector come with any DVI or component cables as standard?

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I havn't seen the specs on the 700 yet, but have a 500, and can tell you that that's about where I put it for some initial running (with 92" screen) prior to "proper" installation. Based on that I can tell you that it works from there but is giving you nothing like the best possible picture. Such a setup is OK as a temopray compromise, but long term you don't want to be using the digital keystone correction if you want a quality picture. You will also get a keystone shaped "black" area projected around the corrected picture, and unless you have a matt black wall behind the screen it will anoy you forever.

So, unless this is a "tempory" installation you will need to go to some trouble to site the projector correctly. Mine is on a ceiling mount around 3.6 metres from the screen, at right angles to the screen centre and just below the screen top. This is a good spot for your screen size.

And, no, there are no useful cables included (with the 500)

Best of luck,


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