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HiFi News (and AV Tech sup) ? where?

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Yes I've bought the odd copy. Have the Feb edition. Had a great section on plasmas. I'll look out for the latest edition - if it was last months it would only be out about now in oz. The latest edition probably won't be out here for a month at least. If your after a particular edition most newsagents are happy to oblige by getting it in for you.

presume you've been to the website. They have a purchase reviews section - if you can find it there sometimes cheaper than buying the whole magazine


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cool thanks for the info.

yeah keep and eye out if you dont mind. so about 1 month behind it seems.. ic

i'll have a "check" in a few newsagency's and see

yep i looked at the online review thingy..... just seems the more recent stuff is not there yet.

I did email them and ask about such.... maybe they would be willing to sell that way.



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