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Sony KVHR36M31 displays '-[>] HD/DVD1' text..

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I have a Sony KVHR36M31 that displays '-[>] HD/DVD1' text on the top left of the screen after I turn the TV on. It seems to happen intermittently so I thought it was just another family member pressing the wrong button on the remote.

I have to then press the 2nd button from the top on the remote to clear it. I have a STB connected to the HD1 connectors.

Anyone else having this happen also?

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I think pretty much all Sony TV's display the last input for about 30 seconds when started. My 59cm WEGA does it, and I assume the 34cm also does it.

Normally with analogue reception you don't notice it because you surf straight away or adjust volume, but considering I turn mine on and off, and never change the input (goes through an AV receiver) I always have noticed it. I am assuming the same for the HD unit.

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You know with that model TV (the HR32) you can rename the AV/DVD input channels.

So when I turn my tv on it says the name of whats on, not HD/DVD 1

If you really don't like it you can give it a short name like







Less annoying I find that way.

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