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fusionHDTV player - audio drops out after seeking

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I'm finding the fusion player is dropping out audio on recorded mpeg files after i've seeked thru a file to skip adverts, etc.

the audio either doesn't come back at all, or it "may" come back after 10 seconds or so (the latter isn't so bad but it's still a tad unpredictable as to what it chooses to do).

If i then seek back and forth thru the file and try to get back to a point close to the desired position it may have sound, but sometimes it will play with audio for 30 seconds or so and then drop out again at the same point as the first dropout.

i've tried the same file in another mpg2 player (nero's showtime) and it works fine, so it doesn't seem to be a dropout problem with the recorded audio stream.

any ideas?



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