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Teac DV-B420 and ABC

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I recently purchased the Teac DV-B420 and searched for the channels automatically like the manual tells you to. The STB originally picked up all channel 7 and SBS channels as well as 2 channel 9's. It totally missed channel 10 and the ABC. I then tried a different antenna cable and researches for the channels and this time it picked up channel 10, but still not the ABC.

This is my first STB so i have no idea what could be wrong. Can someone solve this problem, or is this unit faulty?

Also, theres like channel 7 digital + hd, then digital 1, 2 and 3 and the program guide, and the same for channel 10 and SBS, however channel 9 just comes up with channel 9 digital and channel 9 high definition. Should channel 9 have digital 1, 2, and 3 and an EPG, or is this normal?

Anyhelp would be much appreciated

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I found some strange things also first time round. I cleared everything and repeated and this improved it but not completely. I reset the box and manaully tuned each frequency ie ch 6,8,11,12,34,35...... etc .(Sydney)...depends on where you are. That worked fine.

The TV channel numbers (LCN - logical channel number) are set by the station - i think they are explained somewhere on this site.

The "sub" channels you mentioned are determined by the TV station and can vary from time to time. eg Ch 7 removed the HD channel during the Olympics and introduced a special olympic data channel.



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