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SOLD: JBL L212 Floorstanders and B212 Subwoofer - Charge Coupled Crossovers - Rebuilt Plate Amp

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Item:  JBL L212 and B212 Combo
Location: Ipswich QLD
Price:  $1600
Item Condition: Pretty good
Reason for selling: Money
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Charge Coupled networks using Jantzen components built by Nigel AKA Green Wagon. Internally rewired. See thread below:


Rebuilt subwoofer plate amp, every component replaced besides the tranny. All tracks resoldered. Larger Mundorf filter caps and bridge rectifier. This sub digs very deep. The plate amp was always a little underpowered hence on the 2nd hand market they are always blown. This one has been rebuilt. It would have been cheaper/better to use an aftermarket plate amp but I wanted everything original, possibly something the next owner can investigate if they want to but not required. Over $500 worth of parts in the plate amp. See thread below:




These speakers have a fairly flat frequency response for a JBL of the 70's. Very admirably measured from 30hz - 20khz +.  I will say without a doubt running the satellites full range without the sub they absolutely destroy the NS1000's in the lower octaves. That little 8inch woofer would punch a hole in the 12inch of the NS1000's. May not go as deep as the NS1000's due to cabinet being designed for an 70hz roll off but for an 8 inch with a 3inch voice coil, its killer. Also the 12inch woofer in the sub has a beasty 4 inch voice coil and the same magnetic assembly of the 15 inch JBLs of the era.


Both the mid-bass and subwoofer drivers have alnico magnets. The mid-bass unit has been re-spidered and foamed by Gary Cawsey at a significant expense.


The subwoofer cabinent and satellite speaker bases have been relacquered. The subwoofer is pretty much flawless with a small scratch on the face of the plate amp. The satellite bases are in very good nick with a few imperfections in the veneer where the furniture restorer had perform patch ups. Very very acceptable and better than most other pairs I have seen. Also the satellites are on castors.









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7 minutes ago, Eddy Chong said:

How much is the sub alone?

Hi mate, sold these a while ago now.


Wouldn't have parted with sub regardless. They need to go as a set.

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