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FS: Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon v1.0 Headphone Amplifier

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Item: Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon (1st Gen) Headphone Amplifier
Location: Melbourne
Price: 600 AUD
Item Condition: Used but in excellent condition
Reason for selling: Downgrading audio to fund for other purchases
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only


Extra Info:

I am putting up for sale the limited edition Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon (serial number 00488) headphone amplifier. I am the second owner of this unit - I purchased it overseas from a seller on head-fi approximately 1 year ago. Cavalli Audio is a well respected name and this headphone amplifier has been used with my Alpha Primes and HD600 (both XLR). It has the standard 6.5" input as well as XLR input for balanced headphones. It is in great condition with only a few minor cosmetic on the underside of the amp which cannot be seen unless you turn the amp upside down. I have attached 4 legs to it so it can stand on its own.


Comes with -

Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Amp (1st Gen)

Generic RCA connector

Power Adapter

Cavalli Audio Box


I am in the process of downgrading my audio gear to fund other purchases - I also have my Calyx M DAP + Campfire Audio Jupiter for sale (thread can be found in this forum section). Will also sell my custom XLR cable for HD 650 for $50 (purchased for $100) if any buyer is interested.


Would prefer local pickup (if buyer wants to demo) but happy to also post (buyer to pay postage) with tracking number once payment has been received. Any further questions please feel free to ask thanks!


EDIT - Cavalli Audio has a lifetime warranty on the liquid carbon



https://www.cavalliaudio.com/products/liquid-carbon-2-0-headphone-amplifier  (note this is for the second run of the liquid carbon)







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Hi i forgot to take a photo of the inputs -


It has RCA inputs, 3.5mm TRS input, pair of balance 3-pin XLR inputs and your power plug. I have only used the RCA inputs.


From what I have read though (I'm no expert) the Liquid Carbon converts all the source inputs to balanced input.


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14 hours ago, Cardiiiii said:

Why is this still here at this price!!!!!


It took me about 3 months to buy this unit. Within 30 minutes of people selling it online it had already been sold they were really hard to buy (the first run/generation). In very high demand when it came out due to the Cavalli Audio brand and the limited supply and entry level price point for their sound. Not many people in Australia had the Liquid Carbon so I had to negotiate with oversea buyers with many who were reluctant to sell to Australia. Finally I paid a premium to an overseas buyer and pay much more than what I am selling it for on here.


I'd prefer to sell locally but if not I am confident of selling it very fast to an overseas buyer. I unfortunately need funds for other things non audio related but once funds build up again I'm going back to Cavalli Audio :)

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almost like a no brainer but I'm still researching between this and the schiit jotunheim to go with my incoming Focal elear's! i was told the jotunheim was a no brainer!! until i found this!

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