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Genelec Smart Active Monitors with room correction

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We are really getting into these Genelec active monitors. It's uncanny the scale of sound available from these monitors that start at a 3" + tweeter size that fit in the palm of your hand. A great system for a low-line cabinet next to your tv, they live happily on a bookshelf, on the office desk, kitchen bench, and you can grab a carry bag and take them with you on holidays! 


We're now demonstrating their GLM room correction system (hardware and software). When you purchase a set of these monitors, you can option the room correction package, or we can come to you and calibrate your speakers to save you the time and expense. 


And don't relegate these merely to a lifestyle product or second system, they will proudly front a high-end system in your main music room!


(pictured, the 8320A SAM speakers with GLM kit)




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