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FS: VTL Deluxe 140 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

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Item: VTL Deluxe 140 Monoblock Power Amplifiers
Location: Gold Coast Qld
Price: $3000.00
Item Condition: excellent
Reason for selling: too much gear/ downsizing.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD.
Extra Info:paypal must clear before shipment.

Pictures:VTL Deluxe 140 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Very desirable limited edition mono-blocks operate in both ultra linear @ 140 Watts Rms  per channel and in pure class A triode mode switchable at 70 Watts Per Channel.

Each mono-block has 6 x 807 ultra wide bandwidth transmitting tubes plus 1 x 6350 and 1 x 12at7

Fully adjustable bias current controls with wide range pots fitted to use a wide selection of 807 brands and types.

Both mono-blocks perform flawlessly and are in excellent condition.

I am the original owner since new and have them serviced every 5 years since I bought them and they have always checked out perfect although the capacitors on one were changed some time ago due to aging over time. The other capacitors were checked and were as per spec and have remained so ever since.

I think David Manley actually wound the output transformers when he still owned the VTL and you notice after a few hours of playing, the music starts to get very liquid while retaining their dynamic headroom and all the other traits that David Manley engineered into these great amplifiers. These amps look particularly nice at night when you can see the blue space charge in the 807 tubes!

They come with a spare set of tubes (12 x 807 2 x 6350 2 x 12at7)

They weigh about 35Kg each but there are courier services that can ship nationwide quite reasonably.

I am sad to let them go but must as I am doing extensions to my house and could use the money.

I also have a matching VTL High Definition Line Preamplifier that I purchased along with the mono-blocks and used them as a set.

it is also in excellent condition and has some telefunken 801s triangle tubes in it. Very nice sound signature, especially with the 807’s.

Anyway asking price is $3000

These mono-blocks cost me $8000 15 years ago, so I think that is a pretty good price.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be interested in these items.post-150841-0-47217400-1465898444_thumb.post-150841-0-84246900-1465898543_thumb.post-150841-0-17834600-1465898644_thumb.post-150841-0-21043600-1465898718_thumb.post-150841-0-59202900-1465898781_thumb.post-150841-0-47792100-1465898845_thumb.post-150841-0-47274400-1465898919_thumb.post-150841-0-15916900-1465898991_thumb.post-150841-0-65569200-1465899064_thumb.post-150841-0-83211900-1465899135_thumb.post-150841-0-91086600-1465899196_thumb.post-150841-0-74361300-1465899256_thumb.post-150841-0-36671000-1465899334_thumb.post-150841-0-07255600-1465899406_thumb.post-150841-0-60582100-1465899495_thumb.post-150841-0-86158400-1465899557_thumb.post-150841-0-22670000-1465899613_thumb.post-150841-0-76798700-1465899675_thumb.post-150841-0-85014600-1465899724_thumb.post-150841-0-92202600-1465899796_thumb.post-150841-0-73773900-1465899855_thumb.post-150841-0-45894700-1465899975_thumb.post-150841-0-59555400-1465900027_thumb.post-150841-0-47790800-1465900080_thumb.post-150841-0-11804900-1465900129_thumb.post-150841-0-77096100-1465900356_thumb.post-150841-0-47103900-1465900868_thumb.post-150841-0-47156500-1465900948_thumb.post-150841-0-36378200-1465901008_thumb.post-150841-0-37485100-1465901063_thumb.post-150841-0-47009000-1465901128_thumb.post-150841-0-57659800-1465901184_thumb.post-150841-0-52885500-1465901255_thumb.post-150841-0-25941900-1465901349_thumb.post-150841-0-08921600-1465901403_thumb.post-150841-0-48230900-1465901474_thumb.post-150841-0-25288800-1465901548_thumb.post-150841-0-25105500-1465901618_thumb.post-150841-0-96513600-1465901710_thumb.post-150841-0-14888100-1465901781_thumb.post-150841-0-40442000-1465901841_thumb.post-150841-0-19304400-1465901955_thumb.

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I had the VTL 300W monos (6550 based) from this era for years and loved the big soundstage and sense of space in the reproduction. Highly addictive and relaxingly musical



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