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VPI Nomad turntables

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We have stock of the VPI Nomads here, and customers have been extremely positive with the feedback. It's a turntable, phono stage and headphone amplifier all in one. A clean and simple solution if you want a plug-and-play for your existing stereo system, a great office setup, or maybe it's your first step into VPI territory? 


One thing that really stands out for me; I've always been on the fence about the Ortofon 2M Red's performance. With the Nomad however, the phono stage has been specified to be a perfect match to the 2M red, and that fact pays off. It takes it from a 'get me by until I can upgrade' status (imo) to something you can live with and truly enjoy as a long-term proposition. 


Full spec here: http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/VPI-Nomad-turntable.html



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