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Sydney Audio Club Meeting - Sunday 15th May 2016 - Members and Friends DIY


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For our May club meeting, we’re planning on having that DIY club meeting that we mentioned late last year!!

It should be fun and I’m sure everyone will discover something new.

If you are interested in offering an item/s, then please write to me and provide the following detail…

• A description of the item (DAC, amp, etc.).
• Known compatibility issues with other products.
• Connectivity – how it talks to other components.
• Any special cabling or power requirements.
• Any other considerations.

What are the rules..?

• To qualify as a DIY product, it’ll need to be modified or built from components (not necessarily by you, you may represent someone else). Note that a CD player in which you’ve simply changed a cap or two doesn’t quite cut it as DIY!
• The offer of a DIY item does not ensure acceptance. Should we receive an excess of offers then we will select what will work together best.
• The meeting is open to members and guests as usual. Items from both will be considered for selection.
• All DIY items must be submitted for offer at least 1 week before the club meeting (which is Sunday 15th May). So that means offers should be received by me no later than 8th May, preferably even earlier.
• We reserve the right to reject any unexpected/unplanned item brought in on the day.
• Everyone that has a DIY item selected for the day will be offered the opportunity to speak for up to 5 minutes about their item/s. (5 minutes total, not 5 minutes per item. If 3 or more items have been selected then up to 10 minutes total.).


Items offered commercially are no exception – but please limit the sales talk.

If you have something to sell then preferably hand out business cards or use the whiteboard to advertise/promote (of course you can also use our break to discuss with people).

I hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Waters
Sydney Audio Club




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