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M2tech ADC - Joplin MKII 384/24bit + MM/MC Phono Stage

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M2Tech ADC Joplin MKII 384/24Bit + Phono

Location: Cremorne, Sydney

Condition: Mint (still under warranty)

Price: $1550 (RRP $4200)

Reason: Change of setup

Description: up for sale is this ADC plus phono stage, phono stage is amazing and has every imaginable EQ curve incl (of course RIAA) sounds amazing and really has a low noise floor. Item is only 5 months old in great condition and still under warranty. Use as phono, plug in analogue devices to convert to digital for standard use or to rip or your R2R and analogue sources.

Price well at nearly 3rd retail

More details look here


Postage: Approx 25-30 postcode for exact price



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