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SOLD: FS: ibasso DX-90 Digital Audio Player plus extras. 2 yrs old.

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* Item:   ibasso DX-90 Digital Audio Player plus extras.  2 yrs old.


* Location:  Melbourne

* Item condition: 9.8/10 .   No marks.  Screen protector has been on since purchase.  Rubber cover on since purchase.


* Price:   $330 (Note: Includes postage).


* Reason for selling:  I love this Unit but have moved on to try another more expensive DAP.

* Payment Methods: Cash or direct bank deposit.


I searched the Net but couldn't find a seller in Australia.  USA sites have it selling for approx $A545  plus the shipping cost that is often $A50.   So to buy the item new is just under $A600.

The value of the extra items (based on ebay searches) is 2 x Samsung S3 batteries total $A26 plus postage 2 x Silicone covers total $A38 plus postage.


So the complete package new is valued at approx $A660


* Extra Info: Fitted with Luker00 software 2.3.0.  Works flawlessly.  


See specs and all details in the pdf manual.










- Plays all Audio formats without a hiccup.

- Support up to 24Bit/192kHz.  (NOT DSD)

- Dual ES9018K2M DAC Chips

- 8 gig onboard storage plus the Micro SD card slot.  


I have been running a 64gig Card without an issue.


As you can see from the images it comes with 2 spare batteries (1 is new, not taken out of the  packet), 2 Silicone protection covers.  Charging cable, Coax cable, Burn in cable, USB adapter and several spare screen protectors.


Rave reviews across the Net and rated as one of the best 'Value for money high performance' DAP's in the market.  IMHO it is hard to disagree with those thoughts. 


Drop me a PM if you are interested.

* Pictures




Regards Cazzesman

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