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Ronald Chapdelaine JL • 3 days ago

Hey Mr. Quint, what are you smoking, 30% improvement? How much were you paid by Mingo to post this phony superficial review? The Baetis products are a complete joke. Here is my experience: Pictured is the USB cable that I removed from my Baetis Audio Reference after my listening via USB that sounded deplorable. I suspected something fishy and found after I removed the USB in the Baetis Reference that under the impressive silver braided jacket is stamped with "Monoprice AWG" which you can buy on a bulk 500 ft. reel on Amazon for .81/ foot. Here is the truth...Baetis Audio installs but covers up this cheap Chinese Monoprice wiring to purposely make its USB sound terrible to push and sell its scam SPDIF daughterboard agenda.........



And it goes on...

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