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Most favoured LOST/STOLEN records.

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Rather than take another thread off topic...............post you most woeful stories of lent/borrowed and never returned treasures!


Here's mine.


In the holidays between primary and high schools...........I was at a mate's place and his brother was in a band...........as was all older brothers in those days.....
Anyway, we were mucking around with some singles and a couple took my fancy.

This wasn't the sort of thing I heard at home and he suggested I borrow them!

(because we ended up going to different high schools...........we never saw each other until years later, by which time he had forgotten about the probable beating from his older brother for my failure to return these two classics)






The pity is that I don't have them anymore.................I think my sister stole them!

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Good idea for a thread LP.


I remember my dad saying he had more Tom Waits albums go missing at parties than anything else. He reserved judgement as to whether this reflected more on the quality of Waits' music or his fans. 


I haven't lost many but a couple I particularly miss are:


The Meters Jam (for the slamming cover of 'Come Together' and the lovely wah-wah driven 'All I Do Every Day')


The Infectious Grooves The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move (for when you need funk-metal and a hair stylist).


Both lent to friends, forgotten for a long time and, when remembered, they'd forgotten too. 

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Van Halen's first album for me.  I'm up to copy #5.  One time was because I thrust it onto someone, once was a request to borrow, one was a theft, one was a misfile that I've never rediscovered.  As a result I've lost the vinyl and now have it on CD.






I bought this at a gig, got it signed by the artist, loaned it to a mate of my mate, and have not seen it since.  Gone without ever having played it!  Alcohol may have been involved.


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