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In transit - a small revelation

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Recently got off a plane in Perth on a one way ticket with my wife and 10 suitcases.

All of our stuff is hopefully in a ship somewhere - so I had to think about the few weeks we will be spending in an apartment taking into consideration space and practical constraints.

I ended up packing a set of JB3's and my Hugo - and being an impulsive buyer - pulled the trigger on a Parasound amp to get me going. This simple combo with Tidal on my surface pro is like a little diamond - brilliant and totally acceptable in terms of space and wife acceptance.

For a modest spend - the system sounds much better than it should - the JB3's love being mastered by the Parasound and the Hugo is great as a source.

This may force a rethink of the wall of boxes I have soon to arrive ...... Or not 610e6418d87e78131329ed177524824a.jpg

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Sounds like blasphemy to me. Bigger is, surely, objectively better.

Yes maybe - I was going to bring my trusty old trends TA10.1 tripath amp which is about as big as a box of fags - so the Parasound is about 100X bigger and weighs a ton. Seems like overkill but the JB3's sing on a level far removed from the TA

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Welcome to the wild frontier - where: 


  1. You can go to a pub without the "ding ding ding" of a poker machine
  2. The ratio of Multanova speed cameras to people is among the highest in the world
  3. The wind is a constant companion (bring a kite)
  4. Internet shopping is more a necessity than a choice
  5. The sun sets over water - where it should  ;)
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