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my humble little adventure

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Hi All,


Some of you may have noticed me posting some stupid questions around here, so i figure its about time I posted a few pictures and wrote a bit of a story.


It all started a few years ago when i picked up a pair of Andrew Jones designed Pioneer Bookshelves, I hooked these up to a budget AVR and more or less left it the way it is for a few years.


One day I woke up REALLY wanting to hear a record, I have no idea why... I just really wanted to hear (what I thought) was that trademark turntable sound. So i began hunting around ebay and gumtree looking for a turntable.

Eventually I came across a JVC JL-A1 in good condition at a reasonable price, I pushed the button and purchased it!

I grabbed a few records and hooked it up to my Yamaha AVR's built in phono stage.




It was definitely more detailed than the iTunes MP3's I have, but it was lacking a little warmth and seemed to not have much low end.


I read about cartridges on stereonet and decided it was something I should try and change. I grabbed myself an Ortofon OM10 and decided to have a crack at changing it - not having any real idea what I was doing, it took me a little time to get everything installed and aligned properly. But eventually I sorted it out and it was a definite improvement in sound, much better than the previous 40 year old JVC setup!


Just before I got the turntable, i had just purchased my first house. I decided it would be nice to have a bit of a home theater setup, not a full on dedicated theater room, just a half decent atmos setup to make movie watching a little more enjoyable.


Mel (my better half) and I decided to make a trip out to Lifestyle Audio and Sydney Hifi to have a look and listen. Basically we wanted to get a better idea as to what is available and what kind of stuff we both liked. I had my heard set on the B&W 683's but after listening to them next to a pair of Krix Harmonix, the harmonix just sounded better all round!


Previously I had asked here about some advice on a budget pair of atmos speakers, the overwhelming response was "increase your budget" "buy krix" and "don't cheap out". Well after enjoying the sound of the Krix floorstanders, we left with a pair of Krix ceiling speakers.



We spent the weekend running speaker cables under the house, installing wall plates and finally installing the Atmos speakers. Mel was happy to have the speaker cables no longer running along the floor and I was happy to have a set of ceiling speakers in!


The next weekend we went back to sydneyhifi to say thanks and ended up spending some time there chatting and listening to a few different setups. We got talking and I asked a few questions about phono stages, specifically if I would notice an improvement moving from the inbuilt phono stage to a budget external one... long story short I left with a Rega Fono mini. A noticable improvement in sound, notably warmer and a bit more low end sound, pretty happy with that decision!


Shortly after I came across a Krix Graphix center speaker here on stereonet, I decided to buy it with the eventual goal of getting a pair of krix floorstanding speakers. So currently I have a mismatched LCR, but the Krix speaker is an immense improvement over the crappy little pioneer HTIB speaker I had previously, it also highlights how average my pioneer bookshelves are!


So my setup currently is:

AVR  -  Yamaha 2079

Turntable  -  JVC JL-A1

Phono Stage - Rega Fono Mini


L&R  -  Pioneer SBP22

Center  -  Krix Graphix

Sub  -  Jamo Sub250

Surround  -  Cheap Jamo speakers

Atmos  -  Krix Hemispherix AS

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Oh yes, I'm figuring that out very quickly.

We'll be getting a pair of krix floor standers in the future.

After that I want to upgrade the turntable to a Rega and get an om2 blue cartridge. Then no doubt I'll want something else...

At the moment though I'm pretty happy with the movie sounds and the turntable isn't too bad. Once ive got those krix speakers I think I'll be quite happy with it, particularly as a home theatre system.

All the stuff after that will be incremental improvements I think.

It's a fun hobby, but by god it's easy to sink money into it!

I thought boats were bad, then I started on hifi!

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Cheers guys.


I've been watching a few atmos movies lately and I am really enjoying the sound, going to give Jupiter Ascending a crack tonight.


Also working on slowly expanding the vinyl obsession collection.

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Remember its only money, the enjoyment is what it is all about.  I did a quick tally of what I have spent over the past 45 years on this little passion and (not adjusted for inflation) around $150k including the software.  Of that the software has been the most expensive.  recently I have become more canny with the software purchase and usually buy from overseas in bulk to save on postage.  And eBay has become my friend (more like a crack dealer!).  To me, watching a great movie at home or listening to a favourite piece of music with a large glass of shiraz in hand, makes life worth living (complete with dog sleeping next to me on the couch and cat on the cushion on the coffee table).  

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So It's been quite a while guys!

I put a hold on hifi spending for a while due to a fishing obsession. Over the last few weeks I'd began watching a few more movies than usual and decided to improve the setup a bit more.


First step was to do something about the attrociously bad room the stereo is in, hardwood floors, completely open on one side, windows on the other. It really is Hifi Hell in there! So we went to Ikea and grabbed a cheap rug to cover the hardwood floors, this was a big winner for us. It makes the room feel significantly warmer and more comfortable overall.


I've got amateur ears so i could only really detect a very mild improvement in sound after laying the rug down, which doesn't upset me too much because it has made the whole living area heaps better in general.


Then I found some Krix Lyrix speakers for sale. Originally we had planned to get a pair of Krix Harmonix, but life and a few other major purchases put them on the backburner for a while. After some umming and ahhing I decided that for $500 the Lyrix were worth a crack. 




I had to wait for the blonde blur in the bottom left to go to bed before I could finish setting them up.




First impressions... where is the low end.... Something can't be right here... This is a speaker renouned for being bass heavy and slightly boomy and it sounds like an orchestra in a tin can. I played Blu Ray Concerts, LP's, Atmos movies etc and they sounded only slightly better (if at all) than the pioneers as far as sound quality goes, but all the bass was pretty much gone!


Ohm my... Forgot to change the impedence on the amp. My amp goes down to 6ohms "or 4ohms for front only" as the manual states. Changed this setting, reset the amp and we're off. Still somewhat lacking in bass but it doesn't sound tinny and harsh anymore.


Definitely a step up from the little andrew jones Pioneer bookshelf speakers, but it hasn't blown my mind yet.

Maybe I just need to play with it a bit more!


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