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SOLD: FS: Rogue Audio Ares Valve Phono Preamplifier

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Item: Rogue Audio Ares Phono Preamplifier

Location: Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs

Price: SOLD

Item Condition: 9.5/10

Reason for selling: Not being used

Payment Method: Local Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), COD Only

Extra Info:

This is a rare and extremely fine phono preamplifier. Extremely well built and very flexible with cartridge loading and gain setting which are easily accessible via the top panel. Music flows from an inky black background and it sounds wonderfully lush and detailed. It is on par with the Manley Chinook IMHO with a more organic and warm presentation.

Has a separate power supply to minimize the noise to the circuitry with built in cinemag transformers to step up the voltage for MC cartridges with many flexible gain options, including changing the output tubes between 12au7 (standard) to 12at7 or 12ax7 for more gain again.

Here's what Michael Fremer had to say about it :

Stereophile's Recommended Components

Rogue Audio Ares: $1995 ✩

Made in the US, this beautifully built, all-tube design uses pairs of 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, has CineMag step-up transformers for low-output moving-coil cartridges, and provides 27 DIP switches for three levels of gain (MM/high-output MC, 0.5–1.0mV; MC, less than 0.5mV) and capacitive loading options. Matched with the Shure V15VxMR MM cartridge, the Ares produced a fully developed, harmonically rich, and three-dimensional aural picture, said MF. Through its MC input, the Ares had a fast, dynamic, slightly dark overall sound, with a slightly thin mid- and high treble. "That Rogue can offer this beauty for only $1995 makes you wonder what some of the other manufacturers are smoking," marveled Mikey. (Vol.34 No.9)

Reviews may be found here:



And more info here:











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