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SOLD: FS [BNE]: HeadAmp GS-X MK2 w/ DACT, SILVER Headphone Amp/Pre-amp

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HeadAmp GS-X MK2 w/ DACT, SILVER (Headphone Amp/Pre-amp) received in August 2014 from A2A. Product website: http://www.headamp.c...s/gsx/index.htm


One of the best headphone amplifiers available based on Kevin Gilmore design. Refer to amplifier thread in “summit-fi†section of head-fi for near unanimous positive reviews (and a tonne of “is my unit built yet!?†posts).


Glowing review by InnerFidelityhttp://www.innerfidelity.com/content/lightning-quick-headamp-gs-x-mk2-headphone-amplifier#BoJUr6bBf3GPuj4k.97



Brisbane, 4152. Willing to ship interstate.



$3,623.00 + shipping + PP fees. Price is firm and not negotiable. It is the original price I paid for the unit and believe it's fair considering its pristine condition, limited hours of use, incredibly long waiting list period and new, higher RRP. Present RRP from A2A is $4,659!


For shipping estimates, the shipping package is 46 cm x 32 cm x 27 cm (L x W x H), weight is roughly 5.4 kg.


Item Condition: 

  • *MINT* condition (I baby my equipment). 
  • Less than 100 hours use (realistically probably much less).
  • Smoke-free, pet-free environment.
  • Unplugged from GPO unless in-use.
  • Original box with original packing foam. Box dimensions above.

Reason for selling: 

I preordered this amp in July 2013 and waited for over a year till August 2014 to receive the item. The manufacturer, Justin at HeadAmp, is renowned for taking his time and the quality shows (refer to head-fi thread for positive build quality comments). 


I’m at pains to sell the unit (considering what I went through to get it) but I need to raise funds for another hobby of mine - cycling!


Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal





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If I didn't already own one of these, I would be buying it. I have owned many headphone amps over the years, valve and solid state, and this is by far - by far - the best. Whoever buys this, and uses it with some Sennheiser HD800s or Audeze LCD3 or LCD4 is in for the best listening experience a headphone system can provide (not excluding Stax). GLWS.


PS Owning one of these hasn't stopped me from also owning 4 road bikes! You should keep the amp and put Ultegra on your bike instead of Dura Ace Di2.

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