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SOLD: Peachtree Audio iNova Integrated Amplifier

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Item: Peachtree Audio iNova Integrated Amplifier
Location: Gold Coast
Price: $750 + shipping
Item Condition: Very good (a few small marks)
Reason for selling: no longer needed (upgraded speakers thus amp)
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), COD Only
Extra Info: I bought this 6 months ago off a SNA member in WA and had it shipped over here.

It's a lovely amp (looks and sound) in Rosewood with built in DAC, home theatre bypass etc. with many good reviews on it.








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From the manual "80 watts per channel at less than .1% distortion into 6 ohms".

So I would say about 60wpc into 8 ohms.


That kind of surprises me as I always thought it was more powerful than that.

The reason being is that it drove my speakers with more power than a recent amp I had that was rated at 120wpc into 8 ohms.

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Think this is probably the unit i sold a while ago, regret selling it for sure. I still haven't managed to get as good a sound stage as this delivered. So i believe the dac in this is very very good almost brought it back just for the dac!


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Guest Point source

I think it has a recent (not latest) Sabre DAC and I have used one to drive KEF LS50’s without issue - any PeachTree kit should be highly regarded.

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